Small Appliances To Speed Up Your Breakfast

Morning is probably the busiest time in our daily life. I need to do a lot of preparation before going to work, and it is always too late to make breakfast. This time I recommend several efficient and relaxing breakfast appliances for everyone.

1. ST-9312 Toaster 2 Slice 7 Speed

Craving healthy and delicious sandwiches in the morning?Add this  Sandwich Maker to your kitchen collection and pamper your taste buds without putting much effort. Metal side plate, can be timed, bread automatically pops up, switch automatically closes, 7 gears 2 slots ,  It is great for making sandwiches.

The sophisticated and chic look of the toaster makes it a staple for every modern household. In addition, this toaster can carry out other functions as well, including Reheating and Defrosting, so you can easily defrost the freezer-stored bread. It also has an auto shut-off feature to ensure safety.

2. Air Circulation Fryer

5.6L capacity to meet your family's daily needs . Temperature range: 1-200 ℃, it is convenient for you to bake all kinds of timer time range: 1-30 minutes , Timer function let you can do other things while making breakfast.

It has a drip collector bowl for collecting excess oil, making it ideal for fitness-conscious people.

3.ST-9605 Cheap Price 20L Micorowave Oven

If you have a frozen breakfast, the microwave is also a good option, it only takes 1 minute can let you get a hot breakfast.

4.ST-5546 Multi-Functional Juicer Blender

A good breakfast must be accompanied by a bottle of juice. The maximum juice output of this juicer at one time can reach 401ML-600ML. The design of the separation of fruit residue is making it easy to clean and maintain.

Post time : Aug-23-2022
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