Fun facts about rice cooker

Rice is one wholesome meal and a yummilicious food which almost everyone enjoys eating. Whether plain rice or cooked in the form of Biryani they form a staple food which is enjoyed all over the world.When it comes to cooking rice, many people use different ways ,like boiling water in a pot and then add some rice . you can cook rice using charcoal , dry wood or gas stove ,but in all those different ways it takes a lot of time because you have to check on your rice so that it doesn't burn.

there is an easy and smart way to cook rice by using rice cooker .

choosing a best rice cooker solves half the purpose. The market is stacked with a variety of rice cookers like electric rice cooker, high pressure cooker ,etc .But as it goes that a lot of options confuses the consumer and drives the need for guidance as to which rice cooker should be chosen over the others. Here is a snippet which can help make the choice easier.

A rice cooker is basically a kitchen appliance which is used to boil or steam rice. Infact a rice cooker can cook more than rice. Rice cookers may be divided into rice cooking sauce pans or pots, ceramic, you can cook beans,porridge,......

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