Holds Talks with Liberia's Minister of Finance

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the African continent has experienced sustained and rapid economic growth, with accelerated processes of industrialization, urbanization, marketization, informatization, and internationalization. The financial strength of the continent is awakening. Monrovia, situated along the West African coast of the Atlantic Ocean, serves as the political and financial center of Liberia. Positioned at the mouth of the Saint Paul River, Monrovia is not only a political hub but also a financial center. It is renowned as the only free port on the West African coast and stands out as the nearest port city in Africa to the South American continent.


Chairman Fu Chujian and the

 Minister of Finance of Liberia

The Minister of Finance of Liberia declared, "As early as September 2023, the World Bank formally announced its commitment to support Liberia's digitalization efforts. The Central Bank of Liberia has also implemented a digital banking platform to enhance financial security. Meanwhile, the strong diplomatic and economic ties between China and Africa have provided a solid foundation for Sino-African financial cooperation, offering robust support for the development of crucial international financial centers in Africa, such as Liberia-Monrovia."


After in-depth communication with the Liberian Minister of Finance, Winningstar proposes that, on the premise that the Digital Economy Initiative for Africa (DE4A) is firmly committed to Liberia's development, we look forward to Liberia realizing an all-round reform of the financial system, openness, and inclusiveness, so as to improve the efficiency and capacity of Liberia's financial resource allocation and to promote the high-quality development of Liberia's finance.

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