Meeting with Liberia's New Vice President

During the inauguration ceremony of the new President of Liberia, the Chairman of Winningstar Group and the Vice President of Liberia, Mr. Jeremiah K. Koung, had a friendly and in-depth cooperation talks and exchanges on the economic development planning of Liberia.


 the Vice President of Liberia

and Chairman Fu Chujian 


Liberia's Vice President, Jeremiah K. Koung, gave a brief overview of Liberia's overall economic situation and said, "Liberia is rich in natural resources such as iron ore, gold, diamonds, natural rubber, timber, oil palm, and agriculture, livestock, and fisheries, and has been called 'Africa's Natural Rubber Kingdom ', 'Kingdom of Merchant Marine', and 'Grain Coast'."


Winningstar proposed to Jeremiah K. Koung, the new Vice President of Liberia, the establishment of industrial zones, bonded zones, and duty-free zones. Establishment of new energy vehicle assembly plants, semi-finished product processing plants, manufacturing plants, markets, warehousing, logistics, services, and supply chain complexes.

Post time : Feb-01 16:46
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