Invited to Liberia's Presidential Inauguration Ceremony

On January 22, 2024, Joseph Boakai, the elected president of Liberia, was sworn in at the country's capital, Monrovia, marking the commencement of his first six-year presidential term.


Chairman Fu Chujian of the Italy Winningstar Group, at the invitation, visited the capital of Liberia, Monrovia, to witness the presidential inauguration and speech of President Boakai alongside dignitaries from various countries, local government officials, and on-site attendees.


Chairman Fu Chujian attends the

presidential inauguration ceremony

The newly-elected President Joseph Boakai of Liberia met with Chairman Fu Chujian of the Italy Winningstar Group.


Winningstar advises new Liberian President Joseph Boakai on the concept of sustainable economic development in Liberia.

To promote the rapid and high quality development of Liberia's economy to make the country strong and prosperous; to promote the modernization of Liberia's agriculture to enrich farmers and give them a sense of well-being; and to promote the development of Liberia's philanthropy to eradicate hunger, stabilize the country and make it stable.


 the President of Liberia

Joseph Boakai and

Chairman Fu Chujian 

Winningstar proposes to the new President of Liberia, Joseph Boakai, a sustainable development model for Liberia: Liberia's economy, Liberia's economy in West Africa, Liberia's economy in Africa, and Liberia's economy in the world. (Liberia is the world's largest flag State, accounting for more than 20 per cent of the world's merchant marine gross tonnage.)

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