Winningstar peoples’s voluntary blood donation

In commemoration of the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the the Communist Party of China and to welcome the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games, promoting the role of exemplary pioneers in the new era and showcasing the new image of Yiwu Luqiao Chamber of Commerce, the grand launching ceremony of the "July 1st" Centennial Chamber of Commerce Voluntary Blood Donation Public Welfare Activity, sponsored by Yiwu Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce), was held on the morning of July 1, 2023, at Zhongfu Plaza.


Winningstar has garnered numerous accolades, being recognized not only as the "International Organization's Procurement Center in Yiwu" and the "Practical Teaching Base of the International Education College at Yiwu Industrial & Commercial Vocational and Technical College" but also as an "Advanced Unit for Voluntary Blood Donation," a "Public Welfare and Charity Co-building Unit for the Year 2020," and a "Compassionate Enterprise." In advocating the spirit of love, virtue, and benevolence and promoting social civilization construction, Winningstar actively participated in this voluntary blood donation public welfare activity, using their passion as a relay for life, and conveying love and warmth through practical actions.

At the scene of the voluntary blood donation public welfare activity, under the guidance of the staff from the Yiwu Central Blood Station, the employees of Winningstar participated in the blood donation process in an orderly manner. They filled out the voluntary blood donation application form, entered personal information, and underwent procedures such as blood pressure measurement and blood type testing.

After the blood tests passed, everyone rolled up their sleeves. As the needle was inserted into their arms, their fists gradually relaxed. The blood carried blessings, warmth, and hope as it flowed into the blood storage bags, delivering warmth and hope as a relay for life.


Whether it's the "novice" donating blood for the first time or the "seasoned veteran" who has donated multiple times, the contrast between their calmness before blood donation and the proud smiles after is evident. This is because successful blood donation means that the part of blood left your body could become the hope flowing in someone else's body. It has the potential to save a life in a critical situation or bring new vitality to another life. With each drop of hot blood, we gather tiny strengths, and as Winningstar people, we shine like sparks to illuminate the world.


In the future, Winningstar will continue to fulfill its social responsibility of "spreading love and realizing dreams." We will actively plan, cooperate, and continue to participate in and support the voluntary blood donation public welfare cause. We call on more caring employees and their families to join in, embodying the spirit of the "Winningstar people" in enthusiastic public welfare and selfless dedication, showcasing the loyalty and positivity of the "Winningstar people." We sincerely hope that more and more people can participate in voluntary blood donation and contribute their love to save more lives.

Post time : Aug-16-2023
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