Winning Star's August staff birthday party

Growth happens unexpectedly, and the birthday comes as scheduled. The flickering candle light shines on your cheek, blows out the candle, and makes a wish. Happy birthday, family members!

01 Site decoration

In order to make employees feel the warmth of home, further enhance the cohesion of the company and promote the construction of "Star Culture", Victory Star held a monthly group birthday party in the afternoon of August 31. The company carefully prepared a birthday party PPT, a cake decorated with each birthday star's name tag and a variety of drinks, snacks, fruits, etc. for everyone to enjoy. The site was decorated with a sense of ceremony and was very warm.

02 Birthday party in time

Colleagues from the Human Resources Department organized an ice-breaking game, in which the birthday celebrants actively participated and the atmosphere was enthusiastic and cheerful. The birthday celebrants ate and chatted with smiles on everyone's faces. When the time came to make a wish and blow out the candles, the birthday celebrants sang the birthday song together and blew out the candles to make a wish. We believe that good things will come in the new year as expected.

03 Group photo

The collective birthday party is a reflection of good corporate culture - the enterprise takes the staff as the idea, and the staff takes the enterprise as the home. If the people of Victory Star are well, it is a sunny day. The birthday stars on the scene have expressed that this activity is very thoughtful, simple but meaningful, and it is a "bright and warm" activity!

Post time : Nov-22-2022
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