Blood donation for love, Winning Star is in action

In the afternoon of the 1st, Mr. Fu Chujian, Chairman of Winning Star Group, led the cadres and staffs from the company to go to the blood donation base to participate in the blood donation activity.

After the blood donation activity started, everyone strictly followed the blood collection requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and under the guidance of the medical staff, they filled in the forms, conducted tests and donated blood in an orderly manner, and the blood collection site was in good order.

For a long time, our company has been brave enough to undertake social responsibilities, committed to social welfare undertakings, and transmitted positive energy. The blood donated has gathered into a stream of love, and conveyed the warm feelings of concern for the society. It holds up one hope after another for patients in urgent need of blood transfusion, spreads social positive energy with warm blood, and relays precious lives with ordinary and great love and kindness.

Post time : Aug-27-2022
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