The first Winning Star "Knowledge Competition" was successfully held

In order to improve employees' initiative and create a first-class work team, on June 30, the human resources department of the company organized the first Winning Star " Knowledge Competition" to fully grasp the basic knowledge, lay a good foundation for future work and promote the rapid development of the company.

The competition was participated by two departments, Marketing Center and Supply Chain Center, and each department sent two teams to participate in the competition, and the team members gave team names to their respective teams.

The competition questions include group quiz and group quiz, covering quality standards, product parameters and product expertise, etc.

During the competition, the competitors of each team were full of spirit, unity and cooperation. In the group competition, each team was evenly matched, catching up with each other and advancing together; in the tense and fierce question-and-answer session, the players of each team adjusted their tactics in time, answered calmly and did not give way to each other, cooperated with each other tacitly and thought quickly, competing not only for the ability to integrate but also for the speed of reflection, showing profound product knowledge and winning the applause of the audience.

After an hour and a half of fierce competition, the "Leap Team" from Supply Chain Center won the competition, and the team members passionately shouted the team name and slogan, and the trophy and prize were awarded to the winning team by Mr. Fu Yile, Deputy Director of Supply Chain after the ceremony.

Post time : Aug-24-2022
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